Dirty Sexting Secrets

Sexting. It’s the process of sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via text. As raunchy as it sounds, its the new thing, and everybody is doing it. It’s not surprising, considering the fact that we’ve all come to rely so heavily on technology. There’s no need for couples to wait until they see each other for them to get dirty when all you need to do is shoot a quick text message or log onto your social media accounts to communicate with your partner.

Although sexting has its benefits, there are risks associated with it. If you leave your phone lying around for others to scroll through, then your dirty messages could end up in the wrong hands.

Feel out your partners mood.
Start off slow and test the waters to see what type of mood your partner is in. You don’t want to go in fully loaded if your partner is on a different wave pattern. Pay attention to how long it takes them to text back, emojis, and what they are looking for out of sexting.

Don’t sext before actually having sex.
You don’t want to tease a man too badly by sexting him before you’re ready to sleep with him in “real” life. If you are leading a guy on when really you know you will never meet him, stop wasting your time and his time. If you tell him all the dirty things you want to do to him over text, he’ll expect you to keep your word when he sees you in person. Remember, the more you bring up sex, the more he’ll be itching to have it.

Don’t make it a habit.
Just like everything else in a relationship (and life, for that matter), moderation is key. A sexy surprise every once in awhile will trump any boring, texting conversation. What works best is taking turns being the sender and recipient, and keep your partner guessing when it comes to timing.

Focus on detail.
Be descriptive; from soft and sensual to wild and just plain freaky, you have to make sure you are creating a hot scenario. Pay attention his or her wants and needs to maximize the live experience.

Delete your texts.
Once a sext is sent out, it is out of your hands in the hands of whoever you are exchanging sexy words with. Even if naked pictures are sent over Snapchat, the recipient can screenshot the photo and keep it for as long as they’d like. Even though the evidence will still be on his phone, you should get rid of all of the evidence from your side of the conversation. If you take nude photos on it, make sure to delete them from every album that they’re saved under. Dont forget the album “screenshots” I always forget about that one. It’s also easy to forget about the “recently deleted” folder, empty it out as often as you can.

Have fun with it.
Yes, sexting is a form of sexual intimacy — but you don’t have to take it too seriously. Reveal your flirty side, and show that you’re ready to play. Getting too intense over text or in a photo can ruin the vibe.

Do not sext if your taken.
This may seem obvious, but too many people are doing it! Technology has blurred the line between what’s considered cheating and what’s harmless playing or flirting. You shouldn’t come close to sexting with someone if you’re already in a relationship or if they’re already in a relationship. Even though you’re only exchanging words, and maybe a few pictures, it’s still considered a form of emotional cheating.

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